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can create maps

The mapping tool that lets you create high-quality branded maps fast and easy

Mapcreator is trusted by some of the world’s best teams


With Mapcreator, you’ll be charting your course like a pro in no time! Say goodbye to codes, complicated instructions and confusing interfaces. Our software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so you can get started right away. Whether you’re showcasing a road trip or plotting your next story, our mapping software makes it easy to get where you’re going.

Print-ready vector files

Whether you’re designing maps for real estate, news, TV or web, create professional-grade print-ready vector files. Our tool is packed with features to help you create high-quality vector maps that are ready for print. No blurry images and pixelated lines, enjoy sharp, clean, and stunning vector maps that are sure to impress.

Map export as a layered vector file

Match your brand image

Make your brand stand out with Mapcreator! Our powerful features allow you to customize every aspect of your maps to perfectly match your business’s brand image. From colors and fonts to icons and logos, our solution lets you create unique and stunning maps that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Access an exclusive version of Mapcreator and benefit from an experience tailored to your specific business’ needs.

Use different colors and fonts.

What is Mapcreator for?

We work with clients of all sizes

Whether you are a small team or a bigger team with different map purposes, anyone can make maps!

Our tool can be used by:

And many more industries.

Book a demo to get a custom demonstration adapted to your business needs.

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Client success stories

Get inspired

Get in-depth feedback from our successful clients across the world and the benefits of using maps in their organization.

See what our clients have to say

danny wilkins news uk

One of our graphics teams used to dedicate one day of the week just to create maps. They now deal with map requests on the fly and are getting a consistent style across all their work.

Danny Wilkins Head of Technology for The Times, Sunday Times and Sun newsrooms
danny wilkins news uk

Since our team started using Mapcreator, we’ve been able to produce maps more quickly. We find the software very efficient and easy to use. 
The team at Mapcreator is always quick to respond to requests and they constantly strive to improve their tools for us. Their level of service is superior.

Karl Gelles USA TODAY

Having a tool like Mapcreator allows us to get state-of-the-art maps without having a cartographer or graphics specialist on staff.

We went from having no mapping in our papers and on our websites to using more than 100 in many of our publications last year. This wouldn’t have been possible without Mapcreator.

Jon Wile VP/Content at American City Business Journals

Mapcreator is an easy to use interface that has taken hours off our weekly map production time. 

They are an extremely dedicated team, who are constantly improving their products to make sure they deliver exactly what the customer needs from their tool. 

Steve Bernard Senior Visual Journalist at Financial Times

Mapcreator has been a versatile and easy-to-use tool that allows you to make maps to tell stories without the need to be an expert in code or programming.

Jorge Cortés Infographic Journaliste. As. Professeur Design School Catholic University of Chile and Directeur de l’agence Gráfica Interactiva

Mapcreator really makes our daily life in the newspaper production easier!

Julia Oberle Media designer @Main-Echo

One thing I do need to point out: Your service is excellent! Super-fast, competent and really friendly! ?

Jürgen Runo Infographist at Braunschweiger Zeitung

Mapcreator is a highly recommended tool to universalize the use of content geolocation in a newsroom: intuitive user interface, fast learning curve, agile, easy to publish and adaptable to any output device (print/desktop/mobile).

Rafael Höhr Graphic Editor at Prodigioso Volcan

Get inspired by our client maps

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