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Your mapping tool for Locator Maps

Anyone can create Locator Maps

Locator Map is the easiest mapping tool out there. No cartographic or mapping knowledge? No problem.

Display specified areas on the main map or click anywhere to highlight any location. With Locator Map anyone can create stunning maps – in seconds!

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Visualize your location easily

Are you looking for a one click solution? Locator Map is here for you! In just a few seconds, your locator map is ready. Attach an icon or label and make your information easy to understand at a glance.

Contextualize your maps by creating inset maps and help them better understand your events, services or products using a locator map.

Create a locator map

Map of the bombing hospital - war in Ukraine

Highlight areas that matter

Highlight specific areas on the main map. Make your key points visible and draw attention to the essential details using markers, annotations, lines and polygons. Rely on Locator Map to always bring you to the right location – no cartographic knowledge needed.

You can make use of Mapcreator’s large library or upload your own SVGs to fully match your own branding.

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Embed responsive maps

The maps are rendered responsively using the HTML picture tag, to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes. This ensures that users always experience optimal map quality regardless of whether they are viewing it on a laptop, a large desktop screen, or a mobile device.

The responsive design guarantees that the appropriate map version is viewed for each specific screen size, with very minimal overhead.

Create a locator map

map of New Zealand to show the earthquakes

What are the benefits of Locator map?

  • Create a stunning map in literal seconds
  • Anyone on your team can create maps
  • Responsive embeds for all screen sizes
  • Static maps load in just a matter of seconds
  • Upload your own SVGs or browse our wide variety of icon sets
  • Strategically positioned label placement to always remain visible

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Why create a locator map

A solution that meets all your needs

With Locator Map you don’t need to spend time and money on expensive designers to create beautiful locator maps. Anyone can use this tool! Custom Locator Maps are just one click away.

All the functionality you need to create, edit, and share your locator maps are available in one online solution.

Locator Map FAQ

Boost your attractiveness

Save money and time! Trust Locator Map to do the job. Our maps are rendered responsively using the HTML picture tag, adapting seamlessly to all screen sizes. With this we can ensure users will always experience the best map quality regardless of whether they are viewing it on a tablet, large desktop screen, mobile device or anything else. You can rely on Locator Map that your maps will look stunning on any device without needing the design skills to ensure this yourself.

Would you like more design control? Export your locator map as a true vector file and continue editing in software like Adobe Illustrator. Due to how well our SVGs are layered, selecting or finding certain elements comes without trouble.

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Map on different media : smartphone, computer and printed

Waste no time. Create a locator map in seconds

Your location data visualization can be far more professional without forcing you to spend considerable money or time.

Depending on the complexity of the information you want to convey, you can create a locator map in as little as 20 seconds. Simply type in your location or click anywhere on the map and your locator map will automatically be generated. Export as is or make changes in a few simple clicks.

Create a locator map

Highlight any area on your main map

Locator Map allows you to choose national, regional, or city borders as the boundaries of your polygon. Make use of the search bar to identify your preferred area or click anywhere on the main map.

After you are in a certain location and want to highlight other areas, Locator Map even gives suggestions for surrounding areas. Locator Map is more than just a new mapping tool; it’s the best new solution to effortless mapping.

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Highlight any area on your main map

Choose any map style

Choose one of the pre-made map styles or have Mapcreator create a custom style of your own. With our wide range of map styles, you can customize your locator maps as much as you want to create maps align with your branding.

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Do you want more control?

Locator Map really brings you back to the basics, but Mapcreator is here for those who want more control. In Mapcreator, you can remove needless labels from your map with the labels layer in the styling menu. Keep only the essentials for a clean and uncluttered look. You can also show or hide map layers like roads or points of interest.

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Spotlight the main information

Customize the map to fit your brand

Have anyone in your team create maps! With Locator Map, every member of your team can create beautiful maps matching your branding. From screen dimensions, custom labels, icons and colors to adornments and mapstyles.

For the quickest design possible Locator Map remembers your last settings. Say goodbye to complex design processes and welcome cohesive designs in just a few clicks. Interested in more custom settings or a custom mapstyle? Contact our team.

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Use different colors and fonts.

Use your locator map for any purpose

You can use your locator map on your website, in a presentation, or in print. When exporting your map, you can choose from different formats. Download your location map in .PNG, or .SVG for print or export as an embed to share on digital channels. In one simple click you can even download your project for multiple screens.

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Locator map how to FAQ image responsive mode

Locator Map VS Mapcreator

Locator Map shows you that sometimes, less is more. Create quick locator maps without any cartographic knowledge, have custom settings or quickly make a few changes. Locator Map is for those who needs quick, cohesive and clear maps.

Are you looking to animate your maps? Create data filled visualizations such as Choropleth maps? Or perhaps interactive projects? This is where Mapcreator comes in. Mapcreator is made with more complex projects in mind, making even the most data rich projects easy to create.

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locator map of Bagdad

Need more information?

Want to see how our maps can brighten up your articles, reports or any other project? Our team of experts is here to help you. Easily book a free demo and learn the many different features of Mapcreator and Locator Map.

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map showing wildfires in California

See it in action

Have a look at these pages from Bild and CNN where you can find examples of locator maps made with Mapcreator.

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locator maps

Other locator maps made with Mapcreator: