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Increase direct mail response rates with personalized maps

Maps for direct mail marketing

Send creative, personalized direct mail. Target your direct marketing campaigns with personalized maps and increase your direct mail response rates.

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Make your direct mail marketing campaigns a success.
Leverage personalization with maps.

Variable map direct mailing service

How to get higher direct mail response and ROI?

Maps for direct mailing good practices

Show your prospect’s home location

Grab the customer’s attention

Let’s cut through the noise. Every week, your addressee receives a huge amount of direct mails. Stand out from the conventional mailing campaigns : grab the customer’s attention by showing their home location. The customer will look at the map and think “Hey, that’s where I live!”

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Show the route from your prospect house to your business location

Increase foot traffic

Let the addressee know that they’re only “X minutes away” from your location. Our service helps you showing the closest locations around your customer or prospect address. We can also provide turn-by-turn directions, driving time and distance and convert your addresses into geographic coordinates.

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How does our personalized map service work?

We design your map

Choose your map type, design and icons.

Provide your address list

you already have the recipient’s address, why not use that to send them a custom map of how to get from their place to your office or event?

We generate your personalized maps

We convert the addresses into geo code. The delivery is done by FTP

They talk about us

Maps in direct mailing makes the difference

Our pricing

Send personalized mailing campaigns with maps


There is a up to 1000€ startup cost per order for orders of less than 100k maps.

Custom map design

Contact us if you require a custom map design service for your project.

# of addresses Price / map
1-20k 0.075€
20k – 50k 0.06€
50k – 200k 0.05€
100k – 200k 0.043€
250k – 500k 0.036€
500k – 1M 0.025€
1M – 2M 0.02€
2M – 5M 0.018€
+5M Contact us


If you have any other question that is not answered here, please contact us.

  • — We can size our maps to fit your needs
  • — We can deliver high-quality print 300DPI (or less) maps
  • — HERE maps data source
  • — 1-3 days delivery depending on the volume
  • — Maps and files will be delivered to a secure FTP server.

In which format do I get my variable maps?

We can deliver high-quality print 300DPI (or less) maps in PNG, JPEG, PDF, PCX or BMP. We recommend PNG or JPEG, which offers the best print quality and compression size. We can also deliver many other file formats.

Can I get print-ready maps?

Yes. We can deliver high-quality print 300DPI (or less) maps in PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, PCX or BMP.

Can I get a custom map style with the service?

The customization included in the service are the following: either you send us your own custom icons and route line options (color/transparency) or you pick our standard map settings and icons.

However, full customization of your map is possible as well as having a complete map style range based on your own brand identity with extra costs.

What locations are available with the service?

Maps are available for North America and most of Europe. Other areas on request.

Where is the map data from?

We use HERE maps (Former NOKIA and NAVTEQ) as our data source and the HERE platform for geocoding and routing. You can verify accuracy on

How about the map color, icons, and route lines?

You can choose a color or Black and White maps. You can customize your maps by sending us your own custom icons and route line options (color/transparency) or ask us to use standard map settings and icons.

What are the data requirements to get started?

We need a properly formatted list in CSV, DBF, XLS or XLM with tab-delimited fields. Make sure to include control or ID numbers on each record. Please make sure your data is accurate since we can only provide maps for valid addresses. We can only geocode street addresses. PO Boxes are not street addresses. 

This is a caption of the data template.