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Menu explanation

Mapcreator menu explanation

Find here the explanation of our current tool menu


When you use the search function to locate your desired mapping area, you can enter a place name (city, village, country), zip code, POI and coordinates in form of latitude/ longitude, delimited with a semicolon (;) 

Add – Lines

You can draw lines, Bezier lines, polygons, and routes for car and walking paths in this menu step. For drawing the lines, you can click on the map and the line will follow the lead of your mouse clicks. Another option is to specify the locations (by address or latitude; longitude) in the search bar and thus build the line step by step.

Add – Icon

You can use the search function to find the desired icon, or you use the drop-down menu to choose and place the icon, label or annotation.

Add – Areas

Here you have the option to add single polygons/areas or grouped areas. The choice you’re provided depends on the reference map and will update the more you zoom in or zoom out the map.

Add – Adornments

You can add a scalebar, a north arrow, an inset map and a legend to your map by toggling the switch. Afterwards, you can position it at the required place on the map.

Add – Data Layers

In this list you find data layers which allow you to enrich your map. A click on any of the lines, POIs or polygon layer will place it immediately on the map.

Add – Import

Drag your upload file onto the mapping canvas. Read more here about the import of files.


In this list, you find all the elements you have added to your map. Hovering over each item will highlight the item on the map. Here you can also duplicate, hide and delete the element.

Apart from your own added adornments, you also see the available map layers. You can hide or show them to manipulate the amount of detail you would like to see for this specific map project.


Choose the required output file type, the size (and unit) and download your map!

In case you have more than one map style available in your account, you can choose here different ones for the download.

If you have the Scale Mode toggled, you will see the chosen map size and map scale throughout the entire mapping process.

Account settings

By clicking on your avatar, you’ll find several options to access your mapping projects.

Save project

Here you can name and save your current map you’re working on.

New project

Clicking this button allows you to start working on a new map.

Open project

Click on this button to open your inline dashboard. Here you can choose to open one of your previously created maps, featured maps or company maps. See the question below to learn more about the Featured Projects and see the question below to learn more about the Company Projects.

Featured maps

Featured maps offer you a selection of maps that we created for you. These could be i.e. international sports events, cycling routes, or other important happenings which can be explained best with a map. If you wish to use one of those maps, simply click on the project and import it. The map is almost ready for you – you only have to apply your own company colors. But, of course, you can also edit it to your likings even more by changing the color of the icons, or adding/deleting data. If you have suggestions for this category or if you know about an upcoming event where we can support you with the map creation, please send a message to our Content Team.

Company Maps

Here you find all the mapping projects your colleagues (team members of your organization) created. They would only have to save the project and you can continue to work on their map you imported it into your own dashboard. This may be helpful in case you need to make changes to a map, but the original creator of the map is not available at the moment. Bear in mind that the original project won’t be changed, and you basically work on a duplicated version of the map.

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