How to add the most recent wildfire data

  • Created: Sept, 01, 2020
  • Last Updated: Sept, 03, 2020

This documentation is always evolving.

Need a map with the latest wildfire information? We now have a live layer with the latest National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) and NRCAN data for you available in the Data Layers menu. Every 5 minutes these layers are updated; The Wildfires layer contains the known perimeter of all current active wildfires (for now in the US and Canada) and is continuously updated every 5 minutes. For reference purposes, we display the name of the fire if available along with the acreage. Additional information can be obtained from the website of the NIFC.

This is how you can get it to work:

Select the Wildfire US/Wildfire CA layer from the list of Data Layers. If you don’t find this layer in your menu, please contact our Support Team.

In the list of data you now see two groups: Hotspots and Perimeter (name).

You can make use of the hide function of the layer (eye symbol) to decide yourself, what kind of information you’d like to display or hide.

How to get this map updated:

If you’d like to show this map on your website, we recommend you download this map as an iframe. The map published on your website will then also automatically update every 5 minutes.

And on a static map?

That’s very simple. Go to “Open Project” to look for this map you’ve already previously created. Reload your map and it will automatically also have the most recent data of the wildfires. Download your map again and you’re ready.