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How to add the most recent hurricane data

  • Created: Jul, 31, 2020
  • Last Updated: Aug, 05, 2020

This documentation is always evolving.

Need a map with the latest hurricane information from the National Hurricane Center (NOAA)? Need an interactive map that automatically updates with the latest data?

We have you covered with a layer containing a live feed of data with the current status and predictions. Every 30 minutes this layer is updated with the latest forecasts from the NHC, both in the tool as well as in any interactive output you create. Drop it on your website and you will have an automatic widget showing the latest information to your audience!

This is how you can get it to work:

Select the Hurricane Layer from the list of Data Layers. If you don’t find this layer in your menu, please contact our Support Team.

In the elements list you now see several groups appear:

Adding Hurricane information

They represent the different parts of the latest forecast we have selected to include in this layer. You can select any of these to be shown or hidden individually.

By default, the most traditional information is shown: the forecast track, the cone of probability with icons giving expected arrival time and intensity (H=Hurricane, S=storm, D=Depression) and the initial wind extent. 

There are three versions of the wind speed probabilities:

  • 34 knots (kt) (= 39.1 mph, 17.5 m/s, 57.4 ft/s, 63 km/h)
  • 50 knots (kt) (= 57.5 mph, 25.7 m/s, 84.4 ft/s, 92.7 km/h)
  • 64 knots (kt) (= 73.6 mph, 32.9 m/s, 108 ft/s, 118.6 km/h)
Adding Hurricane information

The colors of the probabilities depict the chance of that area to experience the given wind speed:    
< 5%           #FFFFFF
5-10%        #008C00
10-20%      #00CC00
20-30%      #00FF80
30-40%      #00FFFF
40-50%      #00D9FF
50-60%      #00A5FF
60-70%      #006EFF
70-80%      #0000CD
80-90%      #00008C
90-100%    #8C008C

They can be overlayed with the likely or earliest arrival times:

How to get this map updated:

If you’d like to show this map on your website, we recommend you download this map as an iframe. The map published on your website will then also automatically update every 30 minutes.

And on a static map?

That’s very simple. Go to “Open Project” to look for this map you’ve already previously created. Reload your map and it will automatically also have the most recent data of this hurricane. Download your map again and you’re ready.