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Animated routes on your video mapping projects

New Features Tips & tricks diciembre 23, 2022

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to enhance your animated maps? With animated lines or routes in your maps, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want clients to have a digital walk-through around your properties, visualize a flight line between travel locations or make your news article come to life, animated lines or routes are now just a matter of minutes!

Animated maps help visualize routes from start to destination for your clients or viewers. Where a static map will allow your audience to see location markers, an animated map will take them along a journey.

Hassle free

As an addition to our animated map service, you can now add animated lines or routes without any post-production editing needed. Mapcreator is the only tool you need for this. Meaning that adding another layer of interactivity to your animated maps has never been easier! Grasp your readers, viewers and clients as you take them along a journey with you. Customize your project to match your brand identity, and improve your storytelling. Are you ready to see what this feature can mean for you? Try it out for yourself or have a look through our examples per industry below.

For who?


In the travel industry, our feature can be used in various ways. It can be as simple and clear as displaying a flight line between location A and B.

But the feature can also be used to highlight all locations passed on the travel journey. When using a more indepth view, it can also be nice to add some more annotations and visualize points of interest along the way.

Animated maps can also be used to visualize hiking trails or bike routes. The possibilities are endless. By adding icons along your route you can make distinctions of the travel method, going from airplane, helicopter, cruise, boat, car, motorbike, bicycle to pedestrian.

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Real Estate

When you have gathered various locations for a client in a certain area, it can help to visualize the route between these various properties, and highlighting the POI’s along the way. This gives them a better sense of the near surroundings per property.

Plan your journey to highlight and enhance your properties’ location. Animated maps already improve the interaction when it comes to your clients discovering the area surrounding your properties. But with the animated lines, you can actually take them for a walk in their future neighborhood! From the supermarket, to the school close by, or to the surrounding parks. With the usage of pop-ups, you can make their journey come to life!

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When it comes to animated maps for broadcasting or news, routes or travel lines might not be on the top of your head. But have you thought about your route for the Tour de France being animated? Or perhaps you are reporting on your local bus route being changed – From global to local, the animated routes and lines in your animated maps allows you to enhance your news articles.

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Any other businesses

Animated lines can also be used to display the route from your company to other locations in the surrounding area, for instance the train station nearby. This can help visualize the distance as well as guide your clients on their way to your location.

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Learn more about animated maps

Do you want to learn more about map animations? Have a look at our animated maps landing page, our step by step You-Tube video, or continue reading on our animated maps blogpost! In case you are interested in a free demo on how to add animated lines, animated maps or the Mapcreator tool itself, you can schedule one now!

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