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Your mapping tool for Vector Maps

Create customized vector maps in minutes

Create custom vector maps in just a few steps with the Mapcreator online mapping tool. Start from scratch and add your data, colors, styles, and more. Create vector maps that are informative and visually appealing with our easy-to-use tools. Done? Download your high-quality map in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats or publish online.

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Design a map for any location

Visualize data of any geographical location: country, city, or even a street on a map. Find any specific location you need using Mapcreator’s online map editor – and export it in vector format. No matter how small an area you choose to display, the quality doesn’t suffer.

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Visualize any locations with vector maps

Create high quality vector maps

Every detail on the map is preserved when you zoom in. Labels automatically adjust their size and position, so they are never stuck under a line or icon.

As we believe that you have to see it to believe it, download this map to see for yourself.

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Create vector maps effortlessly

Our full-featured mapping tool is perfect for graphic designers. Don’t let anything limit your creativity. With Mapcreator you can focus on what you’re good at and leave the map making to us. We take care of the technicalities, so you can focus on your idea.

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Create interactive vector map

Create vector maps fast

Our AI lets you create detailed street, city or country maps in a matter of minutes. Do more in less time with less effort. Creating a vector map is accelerated in Mapcreator. It takes the same time or even less to create a vector map as it takes to make a static image.

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Visualize information with annotations

Add markers, labels, icons, text. Draw routes, curves, polygons. Highlight areas or points of interest. Enrich online interactive maps with text boxes, video, images or links. Mapcreator provides you with a balanced visual approach that produces informative maps free from data stuffing.

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Add a label on maps

Customize your maps without limits

No matter how many annotations or icons you want to display in your vector map, with Mapcreator it will always look great! Your vector map will look like it was made by a professional designer, fully interactive and responsive.

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Use different colors and fonts.

Download your maps as scalable vector graphics

Download your maps and creative cartography as scalable high-resolution vectors: EPS, SVG, and iframes – in multiple languages. Never worry about the quality of your vector map. With a single click, you can export the high-resolution files that can be used on any print or web project.

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export in different formats

Share your vector maps everywhere

Need to show your map on a website or blog? It’s as easy as embedding an iframe! We provide you with the code that makes it possible to embed your maps in any website or blog. Just copy and paste the code into your website’s HTML – it couldn’t be easier! Use responsive embeds and powerful downloads. Publish your production-ready maps in minutes.

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Great features of Mapcreator

What Is a Vector Map?

A vector map uses points, lines and polygons to represent the surface of the Earth and data with discrete boundaries such as streets, country borders, etc. The main characteristics of vector maps are the sharpness of vector-based images and 3D visualization of buildings at close zoom levels.

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How does a Vector map work?

Each level of vector maps (Level 0 to Level 2) corresponds to a different scale resolution. For example, Level 0 covers a small scale (1:1,000,000) while Level 2 supports large-scale resolution (50-200 m of horizontal accuracy, 0.5-2 Countour interval).

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Map on different media

No limits with our vector maps

Stop using static images! Maybe you need to create a world map vector, a city map vector or a more specific location map, Mapcreator has you covered. Use its robust features and tools to create the map you need in minutes, without any prior design experience required.

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How To Create a Vector Map In Minutes

Sign Up on Mapcreator

Start a 14-days FREE trial. No credit card needed. Go to our mapping dashboard and create your first vector map.

Step-1 - Registration
Step-2_Choose an area

Choose an area

Specify the area you want to use for your vector map. Find any location you need using the Search function in the sidebar menu, or simply zoom in on the desired area.

Add annotations

Choose any element such as markers, labels, icons and text from the Elements list. You can also draw routes, curve lines or polygons to highlight areas or points of interest.

Step-4_Add annotations


Make a map that matches your brand identity. You can customize colors, fonts, and other design elements. Our tool is friendly for graphic designers, you can edit files and use our AI to create very detailed maps

Display information

Organize your map by adding or removing elements from your map to make it more informative. You can also make it interactive by adding text boxes and enrich it with videos, images or links.


Export and share

Once you are happy with your vector map, download it as .SVG, .PDF or .WEB for interactivity and publish it everywhere you want.

Create your first vector map with us

That’s only a tiny part of what you can do with Mapcreator. Free your imagination and start creating right now!
Don’t hesitate to reach us for more information and get help to create your first vector map.

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Inspiration from user creations

Frequently asked questions

Kann ich Mapcreator kostenlos austesten?

Selbstverständlich. Wir bieten Ihnen einen kostenlosen Zugang zu Mapcreator an, sodass Sie die grundlegenden Mapping-Funktionen kennenlernen können. Registrieren Sie sich hier und legen Sie los! Möchten Sie Mapcreator in vollem Umfang ausprobieren? Kontaktieren Sie uns und nutzen Sie die Vorteile einer kostenlosen, Business Case angepassten Demo, in der wir Ihnen das volle Potential und die Funktionen von Mapcreator vorstellen.

Ist es möglich, Karten für den Print- und Onlinegebrauch zu erstellen?

Mit Mapcreator können Sie verschiedene Dateiformate exportieren, die sowohl für Print- als auch für digitale Medien, einschließlich interaktiver Elemente, verwendet werden können. Sie können eine Karte erstellen und diese als folgende Ausgabearten downloaden: .PNG, .SVG, .PDF (CMYK), EPS und WEB. WEB bedeutet, dass Sie sowohl einen Link zur (interaktiven) Karte als auch einen Iframe erhalten.

Benötige ich technische/grafische Erfahrungen um Karten zu erstellen?

Mapcreator hat eine benutzerfreundliche Bedienoberfläche, welche keine tiefgehenden technischen oder grafischen Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen voraussetzt. Um sicherzustellen, dass Sie auch alle Features unseres Tools kennen, bieten wir Ihnen ein umfangreiches Training an – von online Demos bis zu Workshops vor Ort.

Wie kann ich meine Karten mit Mapcreator personalisieren?

Der Mapcreator Anwender bestimmt den Kartenausschnitt, wählt die Zoomstufe und bestimmt, welche Symbole oder Textelemente mit auf die Karte kommen. Mapcreator wird mit einer großen Auswahl an sorgfältig entworfenen Standardkartenstilen, Schriften und Funktionen geliefert. Falls Sie und Ihr Team bestimmte Farben, Beschriftungen oder Icons für Ihre Karten verwenden möchten, erstellen wir gerne einen eigenen Kartenstil für Sie. Sie haben noch keinen internen Style Guide und möchten, dass wir Ihr eigenes, komplettes Kartenlayout erstellen? Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Entwicklung! Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, und wir besprechen Ihre speziellen Anforderungen.