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Podcast : The state of maps in the news media industry

Company news November 12, 2019

Podcast : The state of maps in the news media industry

Christian Erades from Mapcreator joined the newest edition of the Mapscaping podcast to talk about the importance and use of maps in the news media industries.

The Mapscaping podcast is a podcast series for the geospatial community and everyone who loves maps.

In this podcast, Christian Erades joins Daniel O’ Donohue to discuss the transition from print to digital media and its impact on newsrooms that use maps to illustrate their written content. During the podcast, several topics were discussed

  • The history of Mapcreator
  • How cartography handicraft was turned into a software-based tool
  • How Mapcreator brought map-making to journalists in newsrooms
  • Mapping for print and digital media
  • Competition in mapping markets
  • The rise of viral mapping
  • The rules to follow in mapping regarding International boundaries and naming conventions
  • The ease of understanding maps nowadays

“Mapping helps to bring high quality news output to tell a story”

Christian Erades – Managing partner & Sales Director @Mapcreator

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud

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