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Mapcreator, the alternative to Google Maps

Cartography Tips & tricks July 11, 2023

When it comes to mapping solutions, Google Maps is an excellent navigation tool. But when it comes to a full on mapping tool, with Mapcreator you can do more in less time! In this article, we will look at some of the advantages of Mapcreator and how we are revolutionizing the way you interact with maps. If you are looking for an alternative to Google Maps, we’ve got you covered. The best part? You don’t need any knowledge about cartography or code! 

  1. Customization
    One of the standout features of Mapcreator are the endless possibilities when it comes to customization. While Google Maps provides basic customization tools, Mapcreator takes it to a whole new level. Our user-friendly interface that allows users to effortlessly switch between mapstyle, style icons, or change the #HEX code of labels and markers to match your brand identity. We can even import your own icons, create personalized labels and create a mapstyle based on your brand identity and guidelines. From the color of the water to the color of buildings, greenery, roads, etc., every detail will be personalized to your liking.

  2. You are the creative director
    Whether you are creating an animated, static or interactive map; you decide what to show! With our detail control level, you can adjust your data density without changing your zoom level. If you want more specific control – from the elements list you can pick and choose roads, rivers, POI’s and more to hide or show. It doesn’t stop there, if you want to only have information on a certain point in your map, our safe space feature can help you decide where exactly you want data available and where you want base labels to disappear.

  3. Powerful data visualization
    Mapcreator sets itself apart by offering powerful data visualization capabilities. Drag & Drop your own data in CSV, Excel, GPX, KML or geoJSON or use the datalayers we have ready for you. Our live data layers include wildfires, fire danger, hotspots, NA drought, earthquakes, hurricanes and are continuously updated every hour. Let’s transform raw data into meaningful visual representations! 

  4. Share your maps anywhere
    With Vector PDF CMYK for perfect print ready graphics or SVG for scalable web maps, Mapcreator caters to all mapping needs. Embed an interactive map on your website with our generated iframe or broadcast animated maps on your morning show. No matter the format or solution you are looking for, we have got you covered! 

  5. Animate it
    Create stunning animated maps in minutes by adding motion to your static maps with Mapcreator. We offer impactful, dynamic video maps and animations in one tool and you never have to worry about post-production. Mapcreator allows you to share, embed and broadcast animations without a hassle. Embed your animated map to your website, social media or whenever you want to use it. 

  6. Interactivity in minutes
    Turn any location into insights by creating interactive maps in minutes with Mapcreator. Add pop-ups by hover or click, add images, videos or links in a few simple steps. Let your readers scroll into the map and navigate themselves through the story. If you use one of our live data layers, this is automatically updated every 60 minutes providing the newest information available. 

  7. Mapcreator respects your privacy
    Did you know that Google Maps stores your browsing habits? If you value your privacy, we’re here for you! We believe in transparency and respecting your privacy. Read our privacy policy to see what that means for you.

  8. Collaborate with your team
    We are big advocates of collaboration and simplifying the process of sharing maps within your team. With a shared library, teams can see and open each other’s projects and pick up where your colleague left off. Share your maps through a link, save the project in a certain name or open one of your coworkers’ projects.  

  9. Developer-Friendly Environment
    For developers and tech-savvy users, Mapcreator provides a developer-friendly environment. Our API allows you to manage everything about your Mapcreator account and your organization, as well as generate maps.

While Google Maps has long been the go-to mapping solution, Mapcreator is a great alternative that surpasses its capabilities in several key areas. From customization options to powerful data visualization and many more, Mapcreator is revolutionizing the mapping landscape.

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